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Take Your Dog To Work Day® FAQs:
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Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions PSI receives from businesses and employees wishing to take part in PSI's Take Your Dog To Work Day®:

What is Take Your Dog To Work Day® and what is its purpose?

Pet Sitters International's Take Your Dog To Work Day® (TYDTWDay®) is a unique annual event that encourages employers to experience the joy of pets in the workplace for one special day to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote pet adoptions from shelters, humane societies and rescue groups.

TYDTWDay was created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999 as a way to give back to the pet community. PSI members make a living caring for animals and it is PSI's philosophy that every pet should be a wanted pet, with a pet sitter to care for him or her.

PSI believes that through TYDTWDay, people without dogs will see the loving bond their co-workers have with their pets and be encouraged to adopt a pet of their own.

When is this year's event?

TYDTWDay is always held on the Friday following Father's Day. PSI's 2014 event will take place on Friday, June 20 and mark the 16th annual TYDTWDay celebration.

Why should an employer want to participate in TYDTWDay?

TYDTWDay offers businesses a positive, unique opportunity to increase community involvement and establish new community ties by partnering with a local animal shelter, rescue group, humane society and/or professional pet sitter to organize the event.

Participating businesses have reported that the event is easy to plan, enjoyed by employees and garners positive local media attention.

Also, studies have touted the positive impact of dogs in the workplace and participation in TYDTWDay is a fun, low-cost "pet perk" to offer employees at a time when some businesses have been forced to cut jobs and decrease benefits.

Most importantly, TYDTWDay is for a good cause–to promote pet adoption! This fun day of celebrating the great companions dogs make could encourage employees to adopt a new best friend of their own.

What if my employer has concerns about participating in TYDTWDay?

Some first-time participants have concerns about organizing an event that allows dogs in the workplace, but once companies participate and see what fun the day is, they choose to participate year after year!

However, there are some issues that you may have to consider when planning your event including building codes and co-workers' pet allergies. Learn more about these concerns and possible solutions.

Also consider partnering with a local PSI pet sitter to help with the event. There are many PSI members willing to offer their services on-site. These professionals can help with potty breaks, dog walks and other doggie needs. To find a pet sitter for your TYDTWDay event, use the PSI Pet Sitter Locator.

If, for some reason, your company decides dogs cannot be allowed, you can still celebrate! Many businesses have celebrated the day by hosting pet photo contests, organizing fundraisers at the office for a local shelter and having a local shelter representative or professional pet sitter talk to employees about pet care, pet health or local adoptable pets.

How can I show my support for TYDTWDay?

Visit the "Get Involved" section or select "Download Action Pack" to download your free action pack. Speak to your boss or HR department about planning a TYDTWDay event at your workplace. You can also let others know about this event, visit the "Spread the Word" section and click on the "Send to a Friend" button.

You can also follow TYDTWDay on Facebook and Twitter.

What if my company can participate on another day, but not on Friday, June 20, 2014?

Not able to participate on June 20? If you want to be a part of TYDTWDay but your office is closed on Fridays, the "cat people" demand equal time or the boss says you can participate, but it has to be on a Wednesday, we've got you covered! You can still promote pet adoption and celebrate dogs (and other pets), by holding your company's observance any day during PSI's Take Your Pet to Work Week™, June 16-20.

While PSI expects record participation of canines and their two-legged companions on June 20, we still welcome your support anytime during this week!

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