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... with these dog day facts:
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Are you ready to plan a TYDTWDay event at your office but need permission from your boss or HR department? Follow these tips for winning over your boss:

Plan ahead.

Download the TYDTWDay Action Pack and share this information with your boss or HR manager as soon as possible to allow time to plan the event.

Address any concerns.

We have found that first-time participants sometimes have concerns about organizing an event that allows dogs in the workplace, but once companies participate and see what fun the day is, they choose to participate year after year! However, there are some issues that you may have to consider when planning your event including building codes and co-workers' pet allergies. Learn more about these concerns and possible solutions.

Turn to the pros.

Suggest partnering with a local PSI pet sitter to help with the event. There are many PSI members willing to offer their services on-site. These professionals can help with potty breaks, dog walks and other doggie needs. To find a pet sitter for your TYDTWDay event, use the PSI Pet Sitter Locator. Also reach out to local shelters, dog trainers or other pet services professionals to assist with your event.

Share the facts.

According to a 2008 national poll of working Americans 18 and older by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 17% reported their company permits pets at work. In 2012, the group reported in a separate study that workers surveyed brought their dogs with them to work 22 times in 2012, compared with 17 times in 2008.

According to a 2012 Virginia Commonwealth University study, employees who bring their dogs to work produced lower levels of the stress-causing hormone cortisol. Studies have also shown that dogs at work help increase interaction between co-workers and increase employee satisfaction.

A 2006 survey by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) found that nearly one in five U.S. companies allow pets in the workplace. In fact, the survey found that:

  • 55 million Americans believe having pets in the workplace leads to a more creative environment
  • 50 million believe having pets in the workplace helps co-workers get along better
  • 38 million believe having pets in the workplace creates a more productive work environment
  • 37 million believe having pets in the workplace helps improve the relationship between managers and their employees

If, for some reason, your company decides dogs cannot be allowed, you can still celebrate! Many businesses have celebrated the day by hosting pet photo contests, organizing fundraisers at the office for a local shelter and having a local shelter representative or professional pet sitter talk to employees about pet care, pet health or local adoptable pets.

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