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Four Reasons ‘Going to the Dogs’ Can Actually Boost Your Business

King, NC—May 16, 2011—A fun summer Friday with Fido in the office—what’s not to love? With the 13th annual celebration of Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWDay®) right around the corner, pet-loving workers across the U.S. and abroad are asking employers to allow participation in this fun celebration that recognizes the great companions dogs make and promotes pet adoption. Last year between May and June, more than 90,000 visitors explored, the event Web site, to learn how to participate in the day.

According to a 2008 American Pet Products Association national poll, nearly 20 percent of Americans report that their workplaces permit pets.

TYDTWDay, June 24, offers the perfect opportunity for businesses—even those not traditionally pet friendly—to allow dogs for one day to participate in this annual event to celebrate dogs and promote their adoption.


Pet Sitters International (PSI), event creator, offers four reasons why working with your dog on TYDTWDay can be a business savvy decision:



1.  TYDTWDay offers a positive, unique opportunity to increase community involvement and establish new community ties. Businesses can partner with a local animal shelter, rescue group or humane organization to host a TYDTWDay event—and often garner local or national media coverage of their efforts as well.


2.  Studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace increases productivity and creativity. Surveys also indicate that employees credit dogs in the workplace for decreased absenteeism and improved co-worker relationships and teamwork.


3. Participation in TYDTWDay is a fun, low-cost “pet perk” to offer employees. At a time when some businesses have been forced to cut jobs and decrease benefits, this simple event may boost employee morale and job satisfaction.


4. TYDTWDay is for a good cause—to promote pet adoption. This fun day of celebrating the great companion dogs make could encourage employees to adopt a new best friend of their own and raise awareness of local adoptable pets.


Take Your Dog To Work Day has grown by leaps and bounds since its inaugural celebration in 1999,” said PSI president Patti Moran. “We’ve found that once businesses experience the fun and goodwill of the event, they are eager to participate year after year.”


Businesses interested in celebrating TYDTWDay are encouraged to download the free TYDTWDay action pack at The action pack offers businesses a sample “dogs at work” policy, employee participation form and event signage to assist in the planning of a TYDTWDay celebration. To learn more about event creator, PSI, visit


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